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If access to our ATM network isn’t enough, you can do your banking whenever and wherever you wish, using our Internet and Phone Banking and Mobile Apps.

Quality Service

As a service provider in the financial services industry, fivance Credit Bank Plc operates in a highly competitive and demanding environment.

The provision of financial services depends upon maintaining the highest standards of quality, forming a strong bond with clients based on mutual trust and respect, keeping informed of relevant developments in the industry and updating the services provided to reflect the changing environment.

The Bank has sought to take advantage of its relatively small size by providing personalized service to its client base. This is done by ensuring that our clients always have access to people, not automated systems, to take care of their needs.

Our History

fivance Credit Bank is an independent, commercial bank based in Dublin, Ireland. We trace our roots back to 1856 when a group of business leaders in Dublin saw a need for additional banking resources in the community and came together to form a bank. We have a proud heritage of building long-term financial relationships with individuals, businesses and organizations, agricultural operations and local governments.

In 2016, we published an updated history of fivance Credit Bank to commemorate our 160th anniversary. This publication, fivance Credit Bank Bank: A History of Growth and Change (1856 - 2016), is available for download.

In the early 1990's, the Bank established a new niche market focus, providing services tailored to the international business market and private wealth clients. As part of this strategic alignment, the Bank became smaller and leaner with increased efficiency. Today, fivance Credit Bank Plc remains the only bank in focused solely on the unique needs of the corporate and private wealth community.

fivance Credit Bank Plc Group has been guided by a corporate philosophy centered on the provision of quality services tailored to the specific needs of its clients. The following principles form the basis of the Bank's core beliefs:


The provision of financial services requires precision, attention to detail and a constant demand for quality. Similarly, the corporate logo, inspired by the Sea Venture, which brought the first settlers to in 1609, is intended to represent the Bank's pioneering approach to international banking and finance. Innovation drives the Bank at all levels of operation. Innovation is essential in the financial services industry by adapting to and meeting the specific needs of clients, proactively suggesting new and improved ways of operating in the offshore environment and taking a leadership position in the provision of these services.

What We stand for:

Our core values of Meritocracy, Leadership, Learning and Customer-Focus are to guide the behavior of both management and employees of OCB towards the achievement of the Bank's vision.

It should be these shared standards that are dear to us, which guide our daily interactions, decisions, plans and implementations. No one, from Governor to Office-Assistant should be in doubt as to what our values are and every execution of their duties should fully reflect those values.