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Our strategy is focused on improving the financial wellbeing of our customers; having the right people who listen, learn and adapt; putting the best tools and insights into their hands; and focusing on those few things that really add value to customers and doing them right the first time. We believe that the execution of our strategy will deliver decent returns for our shareholders, while achieving a balance between growth and return, short and long-term performance and financial and social impact. While our focus has evolved over the past four years, the strategicimperatives remain the same: creating a simpler, better balanced bank; focusing our efforts where we can carve out a winning position; building a superior everyday experience to compete in the digital age; and driving a purpose and values led transformation.

As long as you keep loving what we do, we’ll keep doing what we love. Our friendly staff are consistently recognised for their genuine, caring service. See more on our awards here. We are always happy to help you in any way we can.

secured banking

Greater access.

Greater access anywhere, anytime. Online, in branch, or using our ATM network.

it’s your money, manage it your way.

At Fivance Credit Bank, our customers are totally in control of thier money.

Investing Heavily in Homes.

We're giving back by investing heavily in the places we call home.

Mobile Banking

Once you are an account Holder in Fivance Credit Bank, your transactions can be done from anywhere because we are efficient in online banking.

online banking

any time, anywhere.

No matter where life may take you, you can take your banking with you. Conduct your banking on your time whether at home or on the go with Fivance Credit Bank’s Online and Mobile services. Stay connected with Fivance Credit Bank Online Banker, Mobile Banking with Mobile Deposit and more with the security, ease and convenience you deserve.

safe & secured

Your financial security is our utmost concern.

save time

Or internet banking system saves you the stress.

transfer money

With FCB you can transfer to any part of the world.

pay bills

Pay your bills with just one click using our ATM Card.

Shop Online

Buy from any E-Commerce shop all over the World.